Wednesday, December 1, 2010

BBA: Marbled Rye Bread

The nineteenth bread of the Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge is marbled rye bread.

To make the beautiful spiral, you start by making two doughs. Both doughs are made with rye flour, molasses and caraway seeds- among other ingredients- and the dark rye color is made by using cocoa and water.
I made both breads one right after the other and yet my dark rye rose so much better than my light rye. I have two theories. One is that bread making is all about percentages and since I measure instead of weigh, it's the less accurate method. Perhaps my measurements for one bread simply allowed the yeast to do it's thing better. The other theory is that I put the light rye in a metal bowl and the dark rye in a plastic bowl to rise. Metal conducts heat- or the lack thereof of heat. It was a cool day. The metal would be cool and retard the dough more than the plastic bowl.

I split each dough into four balls and rolled the balls out. I stacked light, dark, light dark and then rolled the dough into a loaf.
The results were beautiful!
I thoroughly enjoyed this bread. My husband came home and I told him there was fresh bread if he wanted it. He got a slice and said it was good. I made a comment about making it and he stopped. "Wait, you MADE this? Why on earth are we buying bread if you can make bread like this?"I think that's a pretty good compliment.


  1. Wonderful compliment, Renee! Congratulations ~ what a perfect swirl. =)

  2. Looks beautiful. We loved this bread and I have made it a few times since as we like it with ruben sandwiches. Yours looks perfect, inside and out. I agree with your husband!!


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