Friday, November 19, 2010

{FFwD} Pumpkin-Gorgonzola Flans

The November French Friday's with Dorie recipes have been chosen. This month, they're giving us all four recipes and letting us choose when to cook/bake them.

I was excited about these pumpkin gorgonzola flans since I've never made flan before and I made some leftover cooked pumpkin. I also did a half recipe.

The pumpkin, cream, and eggs was easy to whisk together, although my end product looks yellow like egg, whereas the picture in the cookbook looks orange like pumpkin. I'm not sure why that happened. I did use home cooked pumpkin instead of canned.
I let Charlotte butter the ramekins while I whipped up the ingredients. Didn't she do a great job! I'd say we added good 2 Tbs of butter to the recipe.

Overall, I thought they were okay. I always associate flan with dessert, not appetizer. I didn't realize it was going to be so much like quiche. It tasted good, but I was disappointed in my lack of pumpkin flavor. The gorgonzola and walnuts really made the dish!


  1. Dear Renee, I am going to try to get to this one today as well...after work as it looked doable for then. Yours looks great.

    Dear Charlotte, My guys would LOVE IT if you would come to our house and butter all the pans and ramekins and such we have when we cook/bake things because they love butter and I can tell you that you do one fine job of buttering up a vessel. Your skills would be a big hit around here! Good work -- hugs, Mrs. G

  2. She can come butter the ramekins at my house any time. Excellent sous chef skills.

  3. Nice buttering daughter did it for me! Im glad you enjoyed the flans even if they were just OK. I made them too but used Sweet Potatoes in place of the pumpkin.

  4. Looks great - this one wasn't one of my favorites, but I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

  5. Wonderful post! My friends are actually very jealous of me and my cooking relationship with my daughters. Some of the greatest mother-daughter time has been in the kitchen. Now they are married, but still enjoy coming home to cook with me. One of my daughters, is doing this Dorie project at the same time as me. It has been fun to shop, share ideas, etc...and from a very young age, all my girls are all excellent cooks!!! Keep on doing these projects together...some of life's best times!

  6. Love the buttered ramekins! She's got true talent to become a great French chef!!

  7. This is too funny! I also had my daughter as my sous chef, not only buttering the ramekins, but measuring, mixing, cracking eggs (yes, you have to approach it with a tremendous dose of patience, but it's so worth it:)

    I am a firm believer in mother-daughter cooking clubs.

    Quiche? Great idea:)

  8. The change in the color of your pumpkin has to do with the color of the squash they use...not all pumpkins are the same color when cut open. The bright orange we associate with canned pumpkin comes from a particularly ugly tan pumpkin (they're grown near where I live)...but yours still look lovely regardless! To intensify the flavor, roast the pumpkin...


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