Sunday, October 17, 2010

Modern Baker: Marbled Chocolate Brioche Loaf

What could improve brioche? Chocolate! The next recipe from the Modern Baker book is a marbled chocolate brioche loaf.

One question for my fellow Modern Bakers. Malgieri has a couple of recipes where you heat milk, whisk it with yeast and then mix in 1 cup of flour. It always says the mixture should get bubbly and rise after 20 minutes. Bubbly makes me think the mixture is liquidy. Mine is always looks like dough. Am I doing something wrong? Or just not understanding him?
Malgieri loves his food processor. I probably would too if I had a big enough one to accommodate everything he wants me to put in it! I mixed the dough partway in my mini processor and then moved it to my standup mixer. In a few more months I have a sneaky feeling Santa will be resolving my food processor issues.

Making the chocolate dough was a big difficult in my little mini food processor too so I did a final hand kneading to get it combined well.
I've never made a marbled loaf before. I stacked the doughs so the chocolate was in the middle. Sliced them up and then formed all the slices into a loaf.
I overbaked the bread and it was dry. It was good, but you know how you can taste that it would have been that much better had you not overbaked it.

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  1. It looks really an artwork! At least you know you can do it if you want to try it again and bake it less...although it looks really good to me the way it is.


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