Sunday, October 10, 2010

BBA: Kaiser Rolls

The sixteenth bread of the Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge is kaiser rolls.
The dough came together easily with the pre fermente from the day before. I didn't have a kaiser roll cutter so I tied them in knots and my two year old even helped! She liked to roll "nasks" (snakes).
I was pleased with how they rose and then turned them over and sprinkled them with poppyseeds. Unfortunately, they didn't stick! I sprayed them beforehand, but after they baked the seeds slid off much too easily. I like poppyseeds on my bread, not all over my counter!
This batch made 7 large rolls and they were a huge hit!! My husband loved them and happily took sandwiches to work for two days. He said it beats a plain piece of bread any day. I liked them for sandwiches too, but they were a tad big for me. Next time I'll make some smaller ones for me-sized sandwiches. My husband has already asked me to make them again. Success!!

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  1. They look just wonderful. I agree on the size and do just what you said, the guys have big ones and I make little ones for me. They freeze really well, I put them in little baggies and then pull out how many baggies I need to make lunches for the next day, works great.


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