Friday, September 3, 2010

Modern Baker: Seven Grain & Seed Bread

I had very high hopes for this next Modern Baker bread, particularly after the rave review Phyl gave it. I must say that I wish Malgieri's book had the little cheat sheet of how long each bread will take on a sidebar like the Bread Baker's Apprentice book has. I skimmed through it and got a sense of it, but some days you just can't stay on top of all the fermenting and proofing times and the bread rests much longer than you meant it to.
I made the oatmeal soaker, dissolved the active yeast, mixed the flours and then combined it all. It's a bit hard to see in the picture, but there's all purpose flour, rye flour, and whole wheat flour.
What I ended up with was a very wet dough. I thought it was too wet so I added some more flour. I couldn't tell from the recipe if the dough should be wet or just tacky and I didn't want to add too much flour, but now looking back, I think I should gave gone with my gut and added a lot more until the dough was more in the firm range I'm used to dealing with from the BBA Challenge.

I put the dough in too small a container and it rose over and overflowed the bowl.
By the time I got to shaping, I knew something was wrong. I was more pouring the dough into the pan than shaping it and laying it in the pan. When it baked the middle seemed to sink or maybe it just didn't rise. I don't know.
I cooked it a bit longer than recommended but even then when I cut into it, it just didn't seem done. The texture was gummy and chewy like rubbery oatmeal. It was such a disappointment I totally forgot to take a picture!

Given that more experienced bread bakers than I had a huge success with this bread, I'm chalking this one up to baker error. Oh well, failing is part of learning.

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  1. It all looked so promising and then I saw the photo of the seeping bowl and thought, "hmmm..." and then, well, it sort of went downhill from your description from there. Wonder what happened? Sometimes I can go back and pinpoint where I erred, and sometimes not. I am so behind in this group...and then I went and signed up for the new Dorie Greenspan blog along with the TWD girls called French Fridays with Dorie...using her new book Around My French Table...honestly, why can't I ever say "no" -- because I always have optimistic hopes. Come and join us!


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