Saturday, September 25, 2010

Modern Baker: Cinnamon Raisin Breakfast Ring

I'm jumping into the next Modern Baker section a couple days early. We officially start into the Yeast-Risen Specialties in October. My game plan for the next section of recipes was to go through the chapter and mark the recipes that jumped out at me. I'd bake those first and then if I had time I'd go back and readdress the others. This recipe did not jump out at me. I had no plan to bake it. Then I started planning the Coffee Cake Showdown and I kept thinking about this recipe. On the spur of the moment I decided to go for it and bake it.

This became coffee cake #4. It only received 1 vote, but it wasn't because it was bad. It just isn't a classic coffee cake so people voted for other cakes.
It was fun to make! Malgieri says to prepare the brioche dough through step 6, but that's after the braiding. I'm betting he meant step 4 because why would I braid the dough and then form it back into a ball and refrigerate it? Watch out for this if you're going to make this one.
I pressed out the dough, spread on the cinnamon sugar filling, raisins, and pecans. As most of you know, I hate fruit- particularly raisins- in my bread. Since I was making this for a party I decided to keep the raisins in. Perhaps my guests would like them.
I love pictures in cookbooks. They help me understand what to do. I had to reread step 6 three times and then I called my husband in to help walk me through it. (I'm not always the best as reading spatial instructions.) A few pictures there really would have helped me. Luckily, my husband is good at spatial instruction. I think I did it right.
The final rise took quite a long time- over 2 hours. It was a hectic day so it wasn't a huge deal that it didn't go in the oven until 8:30pm (it was meant for the next day anyway) but you know how a watched pot doesn't boil- well, watched bread doesn't rise! I wonder if my yeast went bad or something because it just sat there forever.

There was plenty of butter in the ring! Check out the edge of my baking sheet after baking.
Final verdict? I liked it but didn't like the raisins (you're shocked, I'm sure), my father in law loved the raisins. It had too many pecans for one of my brother in laws. I happened to like all the nuts. My other brother in law wouldn't stay away from it and happily took the rest of it home with him. Definitely a success!


  1. These look great! And thanks for the process pictures. I sometimes have trouble figuring out what Nick is describing when it comes to shaping.

    Hey, would you like this to be your second official post for this Section? I'll add it on the 1st of October. Then you can do the pecan stickiest buns whenever you want.


  2. I went ahead and used your post for the ModBak blog. Hope that's OK.

  3. Oh, I can't wait to make this one!! This looks fantastic. I have never done a "ring" before...your photos make it look easy. YUM!


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