Thursday, September 23, 2010

Coffee Cake Showdown Winner

I am so excited to report that with this coffee cake baking behind me I have officially completed Goal #2 of my new years resolution, which was the reason I started this blog in the first place! I have now completed all recipes in my recipe box that I had never tried before!!

Which coffee cake won?

Well, first off, you may notice four coffee cakes on the table. I had a last minute addition. (Tune into tomorrow for that one.) It's a Modern Baker recipe. I wanted everyone to try it and enjoy it, but it wasn't as officially in the running.

Coffee Cake #1, the cake we usually make, did dismally with only 1/2 a vote. (Yes, my voters couldn't make up their minds and started doing 1/2 votes.)

Coffee Cake #2 received 5 votes and Coffee Cake #3 received 5 1/2 votes. Coffee cake #2 was the favorite classic coffee cake. It is quick and simple and tastes great. Coffee cake #3 tasted great too and was fun and different. In some ways it's unfair to compare the two. I'm calling it a draw. However, I'm sure my grandma up in heaven is enjoying that her Hungarian coffee cake took home top prize! A 1/2 a vote counts!

There is a fourth cake and it received 1 vote. It's not that it wasn't liked. It was just that it was less a traditional coffee cake. Check in tomorrow for more.

Want a little peak into my life- here's my kitchen in the midst of baking 4 coffee cakes. Seriously, this just doesn't capture the chaos.


  1. Congratulations on completing goal number 2!

  2. What fun you are...everything looks so great. Your kitchen doesn't look too chaotic to me...really nice to see where you create all your magic!


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