Wednesday, September 1, 2010

BBA: Focaccia

The thirteenth bread of the Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge is focaccia.
I couldn't decide between doing one large focaccia or doing the pizza, so I decided to cut the dough in half and make a smaller sized focaccia bread and make the other half into two focaccia pizzas.
The bread rose very nicely. My handling of it wasn't the prettiest. I need some more work on the stretch and fold technique. It sounds so simple, just stretch it and fold it like a letter.
Oh the olive oil! I couldn't believe how much olive oil I was using, but it sure paid off. The bread was delicious! I topped it with an herb olive oil I made out of fresh basil, kosher salt, a smidge of pepper, and some dried rosemary.
The second half of the dough made two nice pizzas.
I decided to make the pizzas a bit spontaneously, so I didn't have the best pizza topping options in the house. I raided the fridge.
I topped each with garlic olive oil, kosher salt, dried basil, sliced olives, green pepper, sliced tomatoes, and smoked swiss and cheddar cheese. Absolutely delicious pizza!


  1. Photos 4 & 7 are my favorites as they show just the wonderful texture and crumb, etc. of this was so light and fluffy and tasty...melts in your mouth. Hard to capture that part in a picture, but you did a great job of that!! We loved this bread and I have made it several times since. I cut down on the olive oil once and it just wasn't the really does better with all of that. That pizza is amazing for something you did on the fly. YUM.

  2. These look amazing. Wish I could taste... maybe some day.

  3. Looks delicious, Renee! Definitely one of our favorite recipes from the book - probably the most-frequently-made (next to the cinnamon buns). Have never tried the pizza version, though - will put it on the to-do list!


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