Sunday, August 15, 2010

MSC: Triple Citrus Cupcakes

Marthe from Culinairy Delights chose Triple Citrus Cupcakes for August.
Like most of Martha's cupcakes, I made a half batch since I didn't need 36 cupcakes around the house.

The recipe calls for the the zests of oranges, lemons, and limes. The cake part was delicious all on it's own! The glaze uses confectioners sugar mixed with one of the citrus' of your choice. I chose lime because I'm a lime fanatic, but I imagine each glaze would be delicious.

Absolutely delicious! A perfect summer treat!


  1. I loved them too, so I'm glad you did as well.

  2. I loved them as well. I only glazed a dozen of them and put the rest in the freezer. Next time I'll have to half that recipe.

  3. Looks delicious! I made cream cheese frosting instead and it paired well with the citrus cupcakes!

    Thanks for baking along with us this month!

  4. They look great, and just like mine, sort of, I put different sprinkles on the top, but the rest looks the same. Why didn't I post these? Well, some unnamed person (Okay, it was my son Matt) accidentally erased the pictures off my camera card and I didn't realize it until posting day and just wasn't in the mood to make them you say, didn't need a lot of extra cupcakes hanging around the house. I even baked them with Marthe on Twitter as she was so excited with her pick so I made them with her via Twitter. Yours look very lovely.

  5. I really liked the glaze on these cupcakes, too. I don't think I'd make them again, but I'm glad I tried them. Your pictures look great!


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