Thursday, August 12, 2010

BBA: English Muffins

The twelfth bread of the BBA Challenge is English Muffins. I love English muffins and was really excited to try this recipe.
I'm still working on my dough mixing skills. As it mixed I realized it was too dry, I dribbled a little water in. My goodness a little water go a long way and Reinhart is right, it's a lot easier to add flour than water. I'll try to error on the side of wet earlier on because adding water in the later stages of mixing was very difficult. I had to add more flour to compensate, but I finally got to a dough feel I was happy with.
It was an unusually cool day for August and my dough took about two hours to double. I cut the pieces in 3oz balls and made my boules and let them rise. The cooking process was a lot smoother than I expected after reading the instructions. You each side the boules in a skillet and then finish them off in the oven. Reinhart explains that you flip the dough when the side cannot cook any longer without burning.
I cooked each side and then baked the English muffins. They were perfect and disappeared. My husband is already asking me to make these again. I loved them plain, with butter and jam, and peanut butter and jam!


  1. They look perfect!! This is one of my hubby's very favorite recipes from the BBA, too. =)

  2. These are my favorite things...aren't they so good in flavor/texture, etc.? I haven't bought store ones since I learned how easy these were to do myself. And they freeze well! Yours look wonderful, esp with the jam!!!


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