Tuesday, August 3, 2010

BBA: Cranberry Walnut Celebration Bread

The eleventh bread of the BBA Challenge is cranberry walnut celebration bread.
This dough ended up stickier than I expected. I was a bit lazy with the "feeling" and just let the dough hook do it's thing. The dough appeared to be like all the other doughs I done. I even added the cranberries before feeling it. Silly, I know. I added a bit of extra flour and kneaded it with the cranberries. It still ended up more sticky than I know Reinhart would recommend, but it all worked out in the end.
After braiding challah earlier, this braid was easy.
It baked beautifully. I wasn't sure how I'd like it with the orange extract in it. Reinhart suggests orange or lemon extract. I'm someone who would almost always lean towards lemon, but at the store my two year old piped up, "I want orange". Why not give it a try right? I was pleasantly surprised. The orange was not overpowering and even with my anti "fruit in bread" stance, I liked the cranberries. The cranberries and walnuts together were great and this bread would certainly be a fabulous addition to Thanksgiving.


  1. You are just cruising on the BBAC! Way to go ~ your braid and bread look awesome!

  2. Oh, you are great braid maker...I am totally inept at the braid so I scan the recipes for the words "can be made in a loaf pan," whenever possible! This looks delicious...you are making such great progress on these breads!

  3. Glad you went with orange. On occasion, I put orange peels in my cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving.

    The braids are absolutely awesome. I wish I could have peeked over your shoulder.


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