Saturday, July 3, 2010

Modern Baker: Quick Bread Recap

The Modern Bakers are moving out of quick breads and into the breads section for July-September. I had a ton of fun in the quick breads section and am eager to jump into the breads section even though I'm also doing the BBA Challenge (Bread Baker's Apprentice) at the same time and that's a whole lot of bread for one household! I learned a lot, especially around my feelings of fruit in bread, and I made a number of quick breads that I will be doing again.  In particular, butterscotch scones, triple chocolate scones, blueberry crumb muffins, and pecorino and pepper biscuits!
Quick Breads
For the breads section my official post will be the rosemary olive knots and oh boy do they look delicious!


    1. Fun to read, I love these little recaps, but since I already posted a bread, figure it's a little late for me to do one. Thanks for the reminder about those biscuits...I keep forgetting to make those again, soon, need to do it soon as they are simple and tasty.

    2. Great idea to include the official posts on your recap! I always love hearing what people's favorites are . . . . Those rosemary olive knots look tasty . . . can't wait to see your review! =)


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