Tuesday, July 6, 2010

BBA: Cinnamon Buns

The eighth bread of the BBA Challenge is Cinnamon Buns. These were very good, although I did have a few struggles. Part of me thinks I should stay on this bread until I have perfected it. Practice makes perfect! Unfortunately, practice would also cause me to gain way too much weight. My sister bakes homemade cinnamon rolls from scratch every Christmas morning. She gets up extra early to start them (then again she's always been one of those crazy people who is up by 6 anyway). She says it's so much fun to smell them in the oven as they open gifts. I love the idea of this tradition and might just have to borrow it for our family. Although, I think I'll make them early afternoon cinnamon rolls instead of mid-morning rolls.
The dough came together pretty well although I wasn't as confident with it this time. I felt I did well with the "tacky but not sticky" aspect but I wasn't getting windowpanes. The dough kept ripping. I realize I'm still only on bread #8, but I thought I would feel more like I knew what I was doing with the dough.
The recipe calls for lemon zest or extract. I'm a big fan of lemon, but I'm not too sure about this addition. Cinnamon rolls just don't scream "add lemon" to me.
My rolling technique could also use some practice. As I cut my cinnamon rolls a lot of the cinnamon sugar mixture fell out. My log roll wasn't as tight as it could have been. I spooned some of the extra sugar mixture on top of the rolls and I liked how it crystallized on them as they baked.
I overcooked them slightly so the bottoms were on the overdone side and they were dry. I made a half batch of the white fondant glaze and it was plenty. I'd like to try them again at some point. Reinhart also gives a recipe for using brioche dough for the cinnamon roll. Now that is decadence!


  1. You'll get the feel of it by Bead #30. Just takes time; and the different humidity on different days can cause things to change. They look wonderful.

  2. They look delicious, Renee! This recipe has become my standby for cinnamon rolls, but I do make a few changes: I sub in vanilla extract for the lemon; I use a different glaze (I didn't love P.R.'s); and I make them through panning the day before...that way, you only have to take them out of the fridge and let them rise for a bit and then cook them the next morning - and you still get fresh-baked cinnamon rolls! =)

  3. I support Abby, that's what I do these days as well, sometimes I sub in some almond because we are almond flavor nuts around here. Yours look so good. I have been looking at TWD posts all day, a chocolate tarte, and since I don't like chocolate, I am feeling a little ill from it all...then I came here and said, "Ah...these are wonderful! I want one of these!"

  4. Abby- Great idea on doing ahead and them rising and popping in the day of! That might be my trick for getting them done on Christmas early!


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