Monday, June 21, 2010

Winter Green Farm CSA

I just joined my first CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)!

I am very excited about this. I've thought about it in the past but have always been overwhelmed with using it all, especially the more unusual stuff. This year, I feel up for the challenge.

I will receive 19 weeks of produce from Winter Green Farm.
Here is what I received in Box #1: Pac choi (or bok choy), spinach, lettuce, turnips, garlic whistles, strawberries.
I made a fabulous stir fry with my bok choy. It was basically olive oil, garlic whistle, and bok choy in a skillet. We then put it over rice and it was fantastic! Bok choy is my new favorite stir fry ingredient. I know the turnips might scare you, but I found a great recipe that I'll share tomorrow for those. I can't wait to see what I get next week!

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