Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wilton Cake Decorating: Course 4

It's all about fondant! In Course 4 we learned a lot more about fondant and gumpaste techniques. Gumpaste is a lot like fondant, but it dries harder. I enjoyed learning the daisy and carnation. A lot of this class was just getting more familiar with fondant and the tools that came in our kits. Really, it is a lot like playing with playdoh (which is something I do a lot of these days anyway).

This was my last chance to take this course as Wilton has changed all the courses.  My instructor, Carolyn, shared what the new courses will look like and might just have to try one of the new ones sometime. There are lots of fun new ideas and techniques.
For the big grand finale cake I decided to scrap the ideas in the book and try one of my fun new pans- the Giant Cupcake pan. I had so much fun baking and decorating it. Yes, that cupcake is the size of one box of cake mix. My favorite part was the cherry on top! Yes, I made that!

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