Tuesday, June 15, 2010

MSC: Strawberry Cupcakes

Time for more cupcakes. Sherry Starts Cooking picked June's cupcakes for the MS Cupcake Club. Strawberry cupcakes.
Strawberry can either go very right or very wrong for me. I love fresh strawberries but often dislike strawberry flavored things. Often strawberry stuff is way too sweet and sugary for me. These cupcakes are an example of strawberry executed perfectly. The cake is a delicious and simple cake with fresh strawberries folded in.
The strawberry meringue buttercream was to die for! Again, it wasn't super sweet and it was the perfect topping with fresh purred strawberries in a simple meringue buttercream base.
I made mini cupcakes so people wouldn't feel shy. Sometimes a whole cupcake feels like a dessert commitment, but a mini cupcake feels like a little bite. The mini cupcakes disappeared.

This is my new favorite strawberry shortcake variation!


  1. Loved these, yours look amazing!

  2. Look at all that pinkish swirlish delights! Love it!

    I want to eat all of them . . . ok, maybe just one for my girlish figure. ;)

    Thanks for baking along with us! xo

  3. Those are so cute all lined up with their little swirly heads...I want one! I had trouble with my meringue holding up as it was a rainy day, and well, you will see from the photo, that things kind of caved in. Oh well, they tasted great. Yours are so pretty.

  4. Awesome cupcakes, love that you made minis but people definitely would have ate them as regular size!


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