Friday, June 4, 2010

MSC: Jumbo Cream-Filled Cupcakes

I came across the MS Cupcakes Club awhile ago. The group is baking their way through Martha Stewart's Cupcakes book. It was right about the time I joined The Daring Kitchen and had my eye on the BBA Challenge. I had enough on my plate.

Then, I noticed this cupcake and I knew I had to buy the book and bake them. I consider myself an unofficial cupcake club member for now. I will stick to the general rule of the group (and most book blogging clubs) and not publish the recipes. Buy the book if you want to try these fantastic cupcakes!
I love chocolate Hostess cupcakes. Love them. Okay, maybe I should say loved because the last time I had one after years of not having them I began to wonder why I liked them. They just weren't as good as I remember. These are one cupcake that I had a very particular way of eating. Please bear with me, this is important. First, you slowly peel off the icing beginning at one of the white icing ends. You then fold the chocolate icing to the white center and eat half the icing and then peel off the other half and eat it. Then, you carefully break the cupcake in half but while trying to keep all the filling on one side. This takes practice. You scoop any filling on the smaller side out with your finger and eat it. You then eat the small part of the cupcake. Finally, you carefully eat only the cake part of the other half making your way around the filling. At some point you have to scoop the filling onto a finger or two. You finish the cupcake and then savor the filling.
I could not pass up the opportunity to make these cupcakes on my own! The cake part is quick to mix together and includes sour cream which really gives the cake a lot of moistness. I did a half batch because who am I kidding. I knew I'd polish these off in no time and who needs to be eating 12 jumbo cupcakes in one day. Yes, jumbo cupcakes.

I could not believe these cupcakes did not call for icing on top. Martha says to just squeeze filling in a zig zag on top, but that was not good enough for me. I needed the complete experience. I wasn't up for making a whole batch of chocolate frosting (and I was out of confectioner's sugar) so I improvised. And, oh boy am I glad I did!! I took a handful of chocolate chips and melted them in the microwave. I combined them with some of the extra marshmallow cream and then smeared this on top. It was fantastic!!
I prepared the filling which is basically marshmallow cream and butter, fit my pastry tip on, and began to fill the cupcakes.
I even decorated a couple of fun ones for Charlotte and I.
These cupcakes were absolutely to die for. Even my husband who is most happy with jelly beans for dessert and shies away from chocolate told me they were incredible.
A few days later I couldn't help myself. I made the second half of the batch. And, we ate them all.


  1. Nothing, absolutely nothing cuter than a little one with a cupcake in hand! Very sweet. Your cupcakes look great...and the MSC club is now open to anyone who wants to bake, new rules on the blog about that, I think. June's cupcake is the strawberry one which I have been really wanting to make, yahoo! Oh, and btw, my sister-in-law eats Hostess this way: turn upside down and eat the bottom first in a sort of layer fashion, then carefully work your way around the frosting/icing top. It appears everyone has their own style. Fun!

  2. Yum - these look awesome! And love the adorable picture of your little one. =)


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