Friday, June 25, 2010

Modern Baker: Irish Soda Muffins

I've been baking a number of BBA Challenge breads lately and it was really nice to take a break and go back to easy quick bread baking for the Modern Baker. As with most quick breads I whipped these up in no time. I wasn't sure I would do these muffins since they called for currants or raisins and as I've explained in the past, I don't like fruit in my bread. However, I thought these might be a fun food to nibble on this weekend. And, I'd been wanting to try out cranberries in a bread to see if I liked them as a "fruit substitute".
I baked 24 mini muffins and still had batter leftover to make 7 regular muffins. On the plus side the cranberries were okay. I'm not sure I'll be seeking out cranberry bread recipes, but cranberries are certainly manageable. On the minus side, I didn't find these muffins particularly exciting. The caraway did add a bit of unusual flavor, but other than that, they were pretty plain. Plain and boring.

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  1. Love the little mini cute, and just the right size for a portion in my mind. Your muffins look very pretty and delicious.


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