Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Modern Baker: Blueberry Crumb Muffins

I believe this will be my last quick bread of the Modern Baker Challenge. I'm opting not to do the sweet rusks as I'm not a coffee drinker and have little interest in a hard biscuit that must be dipped to not break teeth. I skipped the apple raisin bread and walnut date bread due to my "fruit in bread issue". These recipes might have potential as gifts or with substitutions, but for now I'll just let them sit untried.
As with all quick breads, these came together quickly and easily. Blueberries are not in season yet so I had to opt for frozen. I can only imagine how wonderful fresh blueberries would taste in these. The crumb topping was delicious although I didn't use as much as I could have. I thought the cups looked almost overflowing when I put them in the oven, but as the muffins rose, the crumble topping broke apart. I wondered what I was doing wrong because it seemed like I had a lot of topping leftover as well as muffin batter. I was able to make 4 more muffins on round two.
After I made the muffins, I read Abby's review as the official blueberry crumb baker for the Modern Baker Challenge. She had the same issue with extra batter and topping. Nick Malgieri, the author, commented on her post and indicated he's always just divided the batter and topping between 12 muffins cavities. I wonder if his muffin pan is slightly larger? He also explains that mixing the blueberries in the batter, and thus crushing them slightly makes the muffins extra moist. I had also found this instruction a bit odd as all my other blueberry muffin recipes explicitly state to fold in the blueberries. The biggest point I took away is that he says the crumb topping "weighs down" the batter. I realized I should have really piled the topping on. Next time I will. And, there will be a next time for these muffins. I love getting tips from the author!!

I can't wait for blueberry season!

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  1. I think his muffin pan is larger as well...I got 18 muffins from this and did manage to use all the topping with the 18. Yours look spectacular. I have one more to go, the Ginger Scones, and am not doing the rusks. Trying to do scones today so I get it in on the deadline since it is the last day of June and all. Made the Cocoa Banana muffins this morning. Matt inhaled about four of them in about as many minutes...teenagers!!


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