Tuesday, June 8, 2010

BBA: Casatiello

The fifth bread of the BBA Challenge is casatiello. I must admit I was pretty skeptical of this bread. It includes salami and provolone cheese and I just wasn't in the mood to be adding things to my bread this week. Salami and I have a complicated relationship. I guess the easiest thing to say is that I'm just not always a fan. I'm a finicky salami eater. Good thing I pushed through my feelings because this bread is fantastic.
The dough was easy to mix together and I chose to make my bread in an 8 inch cake pan. Reinhart explains that this bread if often baked in paper bags set in metal cans. That certainly sounded like an interested challenge, but the photo in the book was of the bread baked in a pan and I was influenced enough to follow this direction.
My poor bread stuck to the pan a bit so it didn't de-pan beautifully. I forgot to factor in the melting cheese and I think I only misted the pan instead of spraying it down good and thick. This bread was phenomenally tasty and was soft and moist. Paired with the cheese and salami it made the bread it's own delicious meal. In fact, I believe that's what my husband and I had for dinner that night.
Wow. Five breads down and all of them winners. Is it just me or is this a great bread book!


  1. Oh my, that looks tasty! Makes me want to bake this one again right now - we just loved it! In fact, I even made mini-muffins for a NYE party, which went over very well (even though I think they were overbaked and ended up a bit dry). Great job on finishing 5!!

  2. One of my favorite breads in the BBA. Have made it several times in now in different forms, and we never never manage to wait until it is cooled to cut into it...we love it warm from the oven, so good! Yours looks wonderful, all those bits of goodness sticking out!

  3. It looks absolutely beautiful. Love the browning, the color of the top.

    This bread, in a way, is like a leap of faith. I think many people don't want to make it or just think that adding stuff to the bread is unwarranted, but the recipe, as is, is amazing.


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