Friday, April 16, 2010

Needing a Challenge or Two.

Are you a baker or a cook? I am a baker. Or, I should say I'm a repressed baker because I have never really allowed myself the freedom to bake in my life. The by-product of baking is goodies and I am unashamed to say that I have absolutely no will power.  I've realized that I really want to nurture my inner baker.

A few weeks ago I came across The Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge (BBA) and knew immediately I wanted to join. The BBA is committed to baking every bread in The Bread Baker's Apprentice by Peter Reinhart. I have always wanted to learn how to bake bread but didn't know where even to begin.  What better way than to join a group already baking!
Then, through the blog-vine I found The Modern Baker Challenge. It was a new group started by Phyl and others who had finished the BBA Challenge. They were looking for a new challenge and chose to bake their way through The Modern Baker by Nick Maligeri. The challenge began in April and had a caveat that made it quite intriguing. We each "claim" a recipe and are responsible for blogging that one recipe and all other recipes within the section (April-June is Quick Breads) are optional. So, as a group we will bake all 150, but individually there is less pressure and we can simply bake the recipes that look interesting to us. I was intrigued with the Modern Baker Challenge because I'd be joining on the ground floor and I'd get to experience more that just bread.

Wow, two great groups. What should I do? The solution to my over-committing personality- join them both! Yes, it is insane. Why both? Well, because I'm just as scattered and insane as you think I am. I've only had this blog three short months and I've joined three challenges (don't forget about The Daring Kitchen). I'm just going to take it one recipe at a time and if it ever stops being fun I'll reevaluate my commitments. So, I'm going into this accepting I might be a quitter. And, really, whose going to know? Who even reads this blog? (Besides my mom.)


  1. Sounds like fun; and if you decide to quit one of the blogs, you can consider it a new experience--- quitting something that no longer serves your needs. PS- how about bringing some bread to the next game night :) love mom

  2. Perhaps I should amend the last sentence to say- Besides my moms. I think Judy tries to keep up a bit too.

  3. I'm neither your mom, nor your step-mom, but have started reading your blog because I stumbled upon your official MBC post. Looking forward to baking with you!

  4. Welcome to both Challenges!!

    It looks like you have two little ones who are close together, too (another challenge!) - mine are just over 3 and just under 2. I'm looking forward to baking with you!

  5. I'm stuck on the end of the BBA and in the beginning of the MBC. Look forward to baking with you as well!


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