Friday, April 30, 2010

Modern Baker: Whole Wheat Currant Bread

The next bread in my Modern Baker Challenge was the whole wheat currant bread. I thought I'd give this whole "fruit in bread" concept one more try and I liked that this recipe used whole wheat flour.
Again, the bread was simple to make. I'm really enjoying the quick breads for this reason. They're so simple they could be baked for dinner and served warm (if you had 45-60 minutes for prep and baking).
I've known I don't like raisins in things, including bread. And, after doing the Fennel Fig, and Almond Bread I learned I don't like figs in bread (even though I thoroughly enjoyed snacking on the figs as prepped them). I think I'm someone who just doesn't like fruit in my bread. I love nuts in bread, but not fruit.
The bread was okay, but I'm now pretty convinced I'm a non-fruit bread kind of person. I had one slice and passed the rest along to my in-laws who I knew would enjoy it. They thought it was delicious as did my husband.

Are cranberries a fruit? Probably a berry with the word "berry" being part of the word and all. I think cranberries are the closest thing to raisins, figs, or currants that I could really see myself liking in bread.


  1. It's good to know your limits! This bread looks I guess I am in the fruit in bread camp, but that's okay...we will get to other things you and I will BOTH enjoy. Great going to at least give it another try.

  2. I was about to skip this bread, but then I read some rave reviews from other Modern Bakers, so I decided to give it a go. I'm not convinced, though, it'll be a big hit here. Yours looks nice! And yes, you should try adding cranberries to quick breads. I'm a cranberry addict, and I added them to the MBC Date Walnut Bread (check out my post for the proportions) and thought it was divine!

  3. Funny--I am the opposite--no nuts getting in the mix with my fruit, please! Except maybe almonds...


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