Saturday, April 24, 2010

Modern Baker: Cocoa Banana Muffins

My next Modern Baker Challenge is Cocoa Banana Muffins. I'm not a huge fan of bananas. In fact, for the last 3 years I have loathed bananas. The status upped to loathing during my pregnancies. When I got pregnant with my first daughter bananas were one of my few food aversions. I still remember sitting in a graduate class in the very early stages of pregnancy (i.e. when you're not telling people) and spending the entire lecture sending death glares to another student who had the audacity to sit and eat a banana a row ahead of me and then leave the peel sitting on her desk for the remainder of the class. I'm not sure I've ever wished someone so much bodily harm. My relationship with bananas did not improve with the pureed banana baby food stage. Yuck. The smell is almost worse than a real banana.

You may now be wondering why on earth I chose to do this recipe. Well, as odd as it sounds, I actually like banana bread, or at least, I have in the past. And, given that this recipe also included chocolate, I figured it wouldn't hurt to give it a try.
I hated having the bananas ripen in the house. They smelled! When I did eat bananas I always liked them quite young. But, the author did state that if you don't let the bananas ripen enough, "these will taste no better than cocoa potato muffins".
My muffins did not rise and I'm not sure why. I checked the expiration date on my soda and it says it's still good for 2 more years. I remember buying a new box awhile ago. I'll have to keep an eye on this though, maybe my soda has lost it's punch.

The muffins were good. Yes, I know it's odd I'd even touch them. I still don't like bananas, but the muffins were moist and sweet and I liked them. I think next time I'll just work on mashing up the banana a bit more. Every once and awhile there was a bit of a banana chunk in a muffin that I ate around.


  1. They look good to me, sometimes things rise less than others, always puzzles me as well. LOL on the banana-eating fellow student...can totally sympathize. Anyway, happy to hear you had a success with these. I know my guys are looking forward to this recipe when I get there!

  2. Enjoyed reading this post. Loved your story about your banana hatred. I have a love and hatred relationship with bananas: I absolutely LOVE banana bread (as I just discovered) and I LOVED these muffins (as did my kids). But I can't stand any banana products like banana jam or banana powder for milk or banana yogurt. I also hate the smell of ripe bananas... And I can eat very young bananas only... But these muffins were fantastic!


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