Monday, May 10, 2010

Grocery List

My friend Elly passed along her grocery shopping strategy to me and it's been a huge help these past two years.

I created a word doc of everything I regularly buy at the store. I keep copies hanging on the side of my fridge in lieu of the magnetic notepad. When I think of something I need or run out of something 90% of the time I simply have to go over and circle something. Circling is so much quicker! Then, when I'm planning the meals for the week, I write down what I plan to make on the side and then circle or write in what I need. I used have a list of regular recipes on the side and I'd circle 5 or so (there's always at least one night of leftovers). However, this blog is allowing me to greatly alter my "regular recipe" repertoire.

One of the most genius parts of the list is that it is set up (for the most part) in the order I walk through the store. That has been the biggest help. When I first became a mom, I was so scattered at the grocery store I found myself constantly walking back to the same aisle because I forgot something that was just a little further down the hand written list.

I only print about 3 or 4 at a time as I'm regularly updating the list based on what I'm buying or my needs. Some things are serious staples (bread, eggs, milk), but others come and go with our interests or the season. Come summer there will be a lot more room given for berries!

My current grocery list.

Hope this helps anyone else wanting to get organized!


  1. This is the greatest deal...I have done this for years and years and it has saved me countless hours or returns to the store for things I forgot. I have a little blank in front of each item like this: ___romaine lettuce
    so that I just have to put a check or an x in line b/c I first started by circling, but this way seems to take less time for me. I also do categories like this:
    ___Red Leaf
    and on and on. Like you, I do it in the order of the market (and I have two markets I like so often I have them organized according to sales at each).
    Such a help...I think you and I could shop together very nicely! Fun post, fun to see how you do it all, too.

  2. I also always set up my grocery list in the order I walk through the store - my biggest problem now is that they reorganized our huge grocery store a couple weeks ago, and now I have to walk back quite often because I haven't memorized yet where everything is. This is so annoying!


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