Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Daring Cooks: Brunswick Stew

The 2010 April Daring Cooks challenge was hosted by Wolf of Wolf’s Den. She chose to challenge Daring Cooks to make Brunswick Stew. Wolf chose recipes for her challenge from The Lee Bros. Southern Cookbook by Matt Lee and Ted Lee, and from the Callaway, Virginia Ruritan Club.
Here is my first Daring Kitchen Daring Cooks meal! Brunswick Stew. I like stew and was excited by this challenge. I was also happy that the host for this month was so lenient on substitutions. She offered two recipes and I opted for the shorter one. The original recipe calls for rabbit. I was not going to do that. Not only do I not have a clue where I'd get it, I have no interest in trying it.

The shorter recipe called for four kinds of meat- chicken, turkey, ham, and bacon. I opted to just do chicken and bacon. I'm sure the other meats would be great in it, but that was just a bit too much for me. I got a cut up chicken and cooked it in the oven like I've learned to do. Question: Am I supposed to cook chicken in it's skin? I have been, but I've noticed that the drippings are kind of greasy. Is that the skin? Should I take it off before I cook it or after?

It was bit unclear if I was supposed to make my own chicken stock, so I used store bought. It was actually a bit unclear if I should use chicken stock at all since it only called for tomato juice as a liquid, but I wanted a more broth flavor, so I put in about 2 cups of stock to my recipe.

Brunswick Stew
Printable Recipe

Serves about 10
2 ½ lb total of diced stewed chicken, turkey, and ham, with broth
3 medium diced potatoes
2 medium ripe crushed tomatoes
2 medium diced onions
3 cups frozen corn
1 ½ cups lima beans
4-5 strips crumbled bacon
½ stick butter
1 Tbs  sugar
1 Tbs ‘Poultry Seasoning’ or other seasoning
Dash of red pepper
2 diced carrots
Tomato juice

In large stock pot combine all ingredients. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add tomato juice as desired. Cook until all vegetables are tender. Serve hot.

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  1. Welcome to the Daring Cooks! That stew looks GREAT! I made the first (longer) version and even used rabbit. That was my first rabbit eating and cooking wise, and I must say I liked it. It's a rather dry meat, a little bit like dry chicken.


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