Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cheesecake Showdown Winner

(Top left: #2, Top right: #1, Bottom: #3)
It is time to crown a winner to the Cheesecake Showdown! I made three cheesecakes and had three tastings with family and friends. My family tested it over Easter. I made little bite size pieces so people could try each type a couple of times. I also provided some favorite topping choices: cherries, berries, chocolate, and whip cream for those that wanted the full experience before they determined their winning cheesecake.
First, let's review the cheesecakes. Click the link to see the recipe for each specific cheesecake. To help the tasters I made three different royal icing flowers to top each type of cheesecake to help everyone distinguish which one they were eating.

Cheesecake #1: Patty's Aunt's (Apple Blossom Flower)
 #1 was rich, creamy, and classic.

#2 was also classic as well as being flavorful and sweet.

 #3 was a different texture than the other two. It was denser and more cakey.

The family tasting resulted in a clear winner. I was concerned my family was swayed in their opinions by the appearance as one of the cakes is made often by my older sister Angie and most recognized it. However, the other tasting groups also picked it as a favorite. 

And, the winner- by a landslide- is...... Cheesecake #2!
Everyone declared it the most creamy and flavorful. I think it's the combination of lemon juice and almond extract that really made this cheesecake stand out.

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