Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wilton Cake Decorating: Course 1

This February I signed up for the Course 1: Discover Cake Decorating class through Michael's.  I have had the best time and cannot wait to start Course 2: Flowers and Borders.  In Course 1 we learned basic cake frosting, simple borders and decorating techniques, and the Wilton rose.

The class buttercream frosting can really turn you off to frosting.  It's basically Crisco and powdered sugar.  It's great for class because it's cheap to make and reduces your desire to nibble.  It'll do a number on your house pipes though (much like bacon grease I imagine).  Our instructor, Carolyn, gave us some tips for clean up.

Class 1: Lecture and watching a cake being iced.  It may sound silly, but it was quite exciting to watch a cake being iced with decorating bags, couplers, and tips.  Our first homework assignment was to come to class the next week with an iced cake.

Class 2: Valentine's Day!  We had our first instruction on decorating on Valentine's Day.  I made a special Valentine's cake for us.  Check out the inside!!
Class 3: Mermaids, Cupcakes, and the beginning of the Wilton Rose. The textbook calls for learning clowns, but we all know clowns are just scary, so Carolyn has us learn the same techniques doing mermaids.  We learned cupcake filling and icing, figure piping, practiced shell borders, and began working on our roses.
Class 4: Finale. In the last class we spent most of our time on the Wilton rose.  I struggled with the rose and by the middle of class my right hand hurt!  It takes a lot of practice and hand strength to decorate. We also learned sweat peas, leaves, and bows.  Then, Carolyn just let us have fun and decorate our cakes however we'd like.

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