Saturday, March 13, 2010

Susan's Salad Dressing

Another recipe from my box. I got this recipe from my Aunt Susan over a decade ago and I've never done it.  It's pretty simply, but this is also the first salad dressing I've made from scratch before. The "parts" threw me a bit.  I understand it allows you to alter it depending on how many people you're making the salad for, but I wasn't sure how much to begin with. It turned out nicely, but I didn't anticipate how much the feta would soak up so was a more chunky dressing than I anticipated.

Susan's Salad Dressing
Printable Recipe

2 parts balsamic vinegar
4 parts oil (2 parts olive, 2 parts regular)
1 clove garlic
1 pinch dry mustard

1. Add vinegar and oil to a bowl you plan to serve salad in. Mash garlic in liquids or mince and add. Add mustard and pepper. Mash feta with fork into mixture. Add romaine. Toss.

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