Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Daring Bakers: Tiramisu

I just joined The Daring Kitchen.  Their February challenge was tiramisu from scratch!  Yes, even the ladyfingers and mascapone were from scratch! I LOVE tiramisu and have had it on my to do list since the beginning of my cooking resolution. I was a little bummed I'd missed such a great challenge, but realized there was no reason I couldn't make it anyway!
There were so many elements to this dessert and each step needed to be done ahead of time so things had a chance to chill.  Preparing this dessert was days in the making. The recipe allowed for doing a fruity tiramisu, but I stuck to the classic espresso tiramisu. Find the recipe at The Daring Kitchen.  It is too long to include here. (Printable Recipe)

Ladyfingers: I burned the ladyfingers. It was pretty upsetting to have a huge ball of smoke come out of the oven when I opened the door. I don't know why that happened. I did a good job folding it all together and I really enjoyed using my new coupler and bag skills to pipe the fingers out, but then burned the bottoms.  Bummer.  The tops were good so I used to bread knife and sliced the burned part off a bit.

Mascapone: Recipes are not written for my stove.  I followed the directions and turned the stove down to med-low to warm the cream, but it never got close to the right temperature.  After 45 minutes I finally just cranked the heat.  It was my first time using cheesecloth too.  What fun!

Pastry Cream: I think I cooked it a bit too quickly after my experience with the mascapone.  It seemed to turn out right. I just don't think I prepared it as "delicately" as it could be prepared.

Zabaglione: I learned how to use Austin's espresso machine to make this. I think it came out right.  It didn't seem as smooth as it should have been though.

Tiramisu: The assembly was fun. I got to use the espresso machine again! I decide to assemble it freestanding on a plate instead of preparing it in a dish.  I think next time I'll do the dish.  The assembly was tricky since the mascapone, pastry cream, zabaglione, and whip cream were quite airy and creamy and thus everything moved a lot as I began to build.  In the end it looked a bit like a beehive instead of a square.  I can't believe how much whip cream is in tiramisu!  Wow!  That is NOT a low-fat dessert by any means.  All in all, it was a huge challenge and tons of fun to make, but it was very time consuming.  Its not really a mommy friendly recipe.


  1. Hey, where was my taste? a Family Reunion dish maybe?

  2. Welcome to the Daring Bakers! Good job on the tiramisu. I also had trouble with the mascarpone because the heat never got that high. It was yummy, though.


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