Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cutting A Whole Chicken

I wanted to make the Five Spice Chicken dinner again this week and I thought I'd give myself an additional challenge.  I bought a whole chicken.  This was my first time ever buying a whole chicken. Thank goodness they label them. For a moment I almost bought a turkey when Charlotte pointed at them. (Two thoughts- It'll be turkey's time later this year and don't trust the two year old to buy the groceries.) Of course I had no clue how to cut up the chicken, so I found a YouTube video that walked me through it.  I watched the whole thing first and then I stopped and started it as I did it.  I don't even want to talk about what I found inside the bird.  I know what it was, but I really wish they didn't include it. It's just gross! One thing I did not anticipate was getting yucky slimy raw chicken EVERYWHERE. I was proud I jumped in with both hands to tackle this project, but after I'd touched the chicken, the knife, the chicken again, the scissors, everything was covered in raw chicken. YUCK!  I used my elbow to work the computer. It was certainly gross, but it was a huge step for me- even if I did mangle the bird a bit this first time.

I know the last time I posted about the meal I was a bit on the fence because it was different than I remembered it the first time.  I can say now having done it again, that this is one of my favorite meals!

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