Sunday, February 28, 2010

Every Pot and Pan..... is dirty.

Welcome! I started this blog as simply a private journal to myself as I learned how to cook this year.  I quickly got found out and started sharing it.  Recently, I did a revamp of the site and am now ready to launch into more cooking and blogging.  My resolution still stands, but I hope my enjoyment of cooking (and cooking and blogging) lasts past 2010. I make no promises though.

I've been inspired by other food blogs that I've found and I've realized the this blog can also help me with another goal of mine- to be a better photographer.  I hope to learn a lot about taking pictures with my camera and at least these subjects will stay still!  Learning on a toddler and infant is quite challenging at times!

And, the title.  It just seemed so appropriate.  I was taught by my mother and Austin can attest, that when I cook, I use every pot, pan, plate, bowl, glass, knife, and utensil in the kitchen.  It's just how I cook.

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